Combined drop-down longboards

How to make a drop-down longboard using only simple woodworking tools?

The traditional method to make this kind of boards – the veneer pressing requires a special equipment.  An air press or a machine press are not usual home workshop tools.

We can make a sectional drop-down deck using flat plywood sheets as an alternative. However, if we make the nose/tail part in the simplest way, with separate places for cantilever bolts and truck fastening bolts, it becomes quite long and cumbersome.

I have figured out a way to optimize this. We can use the inner bolts of the truck baseplate as the outer bolts of the cantilever at the same time. How it works, you can see on the sketch and photos below. It looks like a combination of the drop-through and top mounting. It has turned out quite compact and durable.
Combined drop-down longboard truck mount

Combined sectional drop-down longboard

Combined drop-down longboard

Combined sectional drop-down longboard

Combined drop-down longboard truck mounting

I’ve called this truck mounting method – the Combined truck mount, and this kind of boards – the Combined drop-down longboards (combined sectional drop-down longboards).

Drop-through mounting is also compact, but this layered mounting is more durable and can provide a deeper lowering.

An important advantage of the combined layered truck mounting is providing possibility to adjust a lowered platform height using spacers.

Combined drop-down truck mounting

Compact drop-down longboard

As a result, we’ve got the following list of advantages of this type of boards:

- It’s compact. We can provide a short distance from the baseplate and the platform even for a deep platform lowering. It’s good for mini boards and for full size longboards for a better pumping.

- It’s technologically simple. It does not require a veneer pressing. It’s good both for DIY making and CNC router milling. If you like flat boards, it is a good choice.

- It’s adjustable. You can change the platform height by adding/removing washers and spacers.

- It’s compact in the disassembled state. So it’s simpler to pack it in luggage for a trip.

- The front platform provides a convenient footstop.

- It’s Camber-Rocker convertible. If the main platform is bended a little, the deck can be assembled with a camber or with a rocker.

- It’s easy to repair. If the nose or the tail has become broken, it requires changing only the small and simple plywood part.

I don’t recommend this kind of boards for aggressive riding without a long time tests. However, the first tests show that this Combined drop-down boards are quite good for cruising.

The project files are available for free download:
Combined Drop-down Longboard on Thingiverse
Combined Drop-down Longboard on GrabCAD
They are provided under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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