Double-Decker Longboards

The article describes an idea that lets reduce size of lowrider longboards keeping them comfortable for pushing and footbraking.

The lowrider longboards - drop-down, drop-through, wheel cutout and double-drop boards are quite popular now. The low platform is comfortable for pushing, because the supporting leg makes shorter squats. The low platform is comfortable for footbraking, it makes footbraking simpler and more stable.

However, lowriders have large sizes, due to extra size of nose and tail parts that cannot be used to stay on. So they are not quite suitable to carry them on public transportation.

I’ve got an idea to use two level decks. The supporting leg will stay on a low-level platform to keep comfortable pushing. The jogging leg will stay on a higher platform under the rear truck, to make the board shorter. I’ve named such type of boars the Double-deckers.

Note: Please do not consider Double-deckers as an improvement of classic longboards, their size makes a big sense for them. The double-decker concept is just a way to improve mini-cruisers providing them with low platforms.

The layout of a drop-down board modification (lets call it the Mini drop-down board) is shown on the fig.1

The layout of a drop-through board modification (Mini drop-through board) - fig.2
The layout of a wheel cutout board modification (Mini cutout board) - fig.3

I have made some patent investigations on the matter and I have found many two-level desk devises. E.g.: Сhild’s Coaster, Foldable skateboard (Stowboard), Skateboard with a steering platform, Telescoping skateboard, Transportation device with pivoting axle (Soleskate), Single foot skate.

Prototypes and released projects search in the Internet have brought me some results too: FiveMile Widowmaker, COR-9 Speedboard, Soleskate, Stowboard. 

In these projects, two-level decks are used to provide a folding capability, to provide more comfort for the racing stance for the downhill or in non-longboard devices. This concept has not used to reduce a lowrider longboard size.

However, are two-level boards convenient to ride? I have made some prototypes.

First tests have shown that such kind of boards are very comfortable in motion. They are not suitable for the downhill and other types of aggressive skating. They are not quite comfortable for carving, because of their size. However, they are quite good for a lazy push cruising.

Prototypes look a bit clumsy. They have been quickly made at home just to proof of the concept. I’m going to improve the design and to use other technologies. I need to use plywood forming or 3d milling to make kicktails and concaves.

I’m also going to test these boards with as many people as possible. I think that Double-deckers will not be very interesting for hardcore longboard riders who like a wide pumping. However, I hope they will please mini board riders.

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