Forked Drop-Down Longboards

How to make a drop-down longboard using only simple woodworking tools?

I’ve already published a design concept of plywood sectional longboard – Combined drop-down longboard. Let me introduce another design concept optimized for wide trucks.

If we use wide trucks (7” ~ 180 mm wide hangers), we have some distance between a baseplate and wheels. There we can make a fork on the main platform. Then nose/tail parts can be attached to this fork. How it works, you can see on the sketches below.

Forked drop-down longboard truck mount

Forked drop-down longboard

I’ve called this truck mounting system – the Forked truck mounting, and this type of boards – the Forked drop-down longboards (Forked sectional drop-down longboards).

Forked sectional drop-down longboard

Forked plywood drop-down longboard

Forked drop-down truck mounting

This kind of truck mounting also provides a compact nose/tail for a layered drop-down longboard. Moreover, it is a more durable than Combined truck mounting. In addition, it’s more adjustable. The drop level and nose/tail platform angle can be adjusted in a wide-range adding washers, risers and wedges between the platforms.

Forked longboard design provided us with a high durability. The well-known drop-through boards and Combined drop-down boards have particular weak points. The truck bolt holes are too close to the edge of the deck. It is not critical, as the long time experience of using drop-through boards shows to us, when you use high quality materials (e.g. an individually veneer pressed board) but it may be critical when you use simpler materials. The Forked drop-down design has no such weak points.

Let me list the benefits of the Forked drop-down longboard design:

- It’s compact. We can provide a short distance between a truck axle and the main platform even for a deep platform lowering. It’s good for mini boards and for full size longboards for a better pumping.

- It’s technologically simple. It does not require a veneer pressing. It’s good both for DIY making and CNC router milling. If you like flat boards, it is a good choice.

- It’s very durable against the drop-through design. It eliminates a drop-through design’s weak points when the truck bolt holes are too close to the deck edge.

- It’s adjustable in a wide range. You can change the platform height by adding/removing washers and spacers.

- It’s compact in the disassembled state. So it’s simpler to pack it in luggage for a trip.

- The front platform provides a convenient footstop.

- It’s Camber-Rocker convertible. If the main platform is bended a little, the deck can be assembled with a camber or with a rocker.

- It’s easy to repair. If the nose or the tail has become broken, it requires changing only the small and simple plywood part.

The project files are available for free download:
The long wheelbase offset trucks (e.g. Randal and clones) version:
Forked Drop-down Longboard on Thingiverse
Forked Drop-down Longboard on GrabCAD
The short wheelbase offset trucks (e.g. Caliber, Charger II, Slant) version:
Forked Drop-down Longboard SWBO on Thingiverse
Forked Drop-down Longboard SWBO on GrabCAD
They are provided under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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